What Can You Get From Fifty-two Cents Cash Flow Management System?

Fifty-two Cents - A Cash Flow Managment System-07Maybe you’ve seen some online management systems before, promising you that they will lift your business to some amazing height and I don’t know what else. They are obviously fake. But not Fifty-two Cents Cash Flow Management System. Here is a short article that will explain to you what this free online system can do for you. So, read on. Trust me, you will find it very useful.

First of all, I need to stress the fact that you can get a free trial run of this system, which will include some basic features, like viewing your monthly cash flow and it is integrated with Basecamp, which is the project management application that they recommend and Freshbook, an invoice app. The trial run lasts for 15 days. After this, you can sign for one of the two paid counts. The first one is the Standard Account. For only 8 US dollars per month you will get not only what is already featured in the Trial Account, but also some new content, such as a daily cash flow overview and a help to create various types of reports, like a product category report, a monthly report, a project report or a company report. Also, the Standard Account will allow you to store over 1 GB of data. The Premium Account is very similar to the Standard one, but with an added twist. It offers you an even bigger storage space, 5 GB, so it is perfect if you own a little bigger business. Of course this means that it will also be a little more expensive. It costs 12 US dollars per month.

Since I already mentioned some of the features that are offered in Fifty-two Cents Online Cash Flow Management System, let me explain to you what they are. Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

With a daily and monthly cash flow you can view your daily and monthly incomes (how much you earn) and expenses (how much you spend). Then, you can break these flows into different categories and view balances for a specific day or month.

Fifty-two Cents - A Cash Flow Managment System-06You can also use various reports that will aid your business greatly. Create a monthly report, for instance, and access all of your monthly incomes and expenses. With it, you can look at your monthly avg and a summary for a certain period of your choosing. You can also view a company report, that will tell you if the potential client is profitable and should you take them under consideration. Apart from this, you can also sub-divide the various projects that have been done in your company with a little help from a good report project.

There are many other features that you can benefit from in the Fifty-two Cents Cash Flow System. Upload your files, add your incomes or expenses and create a log of your activities and see how managing finances of a small business has just become much easier.

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