Fifty-two Cents – A Warm Welcome

Fifty-two Cents - A Cash Flow Managment System-05Hey there, if you own a small or even a big business and you want to better manage your cash flow, you have just come to the right place. Fifty-two cents is a place where you can learn how to effectively keep track of your cash flow and make much better business decisions thanks to that. This system is completely free and is just perfect for a freelancer or those business that simply don’t have the man power or expertise to do this themselves. So, if you are interested in what they offer, and I’m quite sure that you are, continue reading this article to get an understanding of who Fifty-two cents are and what is it that they offer.

With Fifty-two cent’s daily and monthly cash flow projections, you will be able to manage your cash inflow and outflow much more effectively than ever before and it will make predicting your future finances much easier.

And, if you still don’t think that this might be a very good idea or you don’t trust us for some reason (that’s okay, we understand that there are plenty of scams around,) you can sign up for a 15 day trial, and we won’t even ask for your credit card number.

Once that trial period expires, you can sign up for one of the two account types, Standard and Premium. The Standard account will cost you 8 $ per month, but it includes a lot more different options (you can take a look at what these are directly on the sign up page) that you can benefit from, while the Premium account is an even more complex and it will cost you 12 $ per month. I’m sure that you’ll see how you can benefit in the long run if you sign up for one of these accounts and that the price will pose no problem to you.

What is Fifty-two Cents? Is it a financial solution? Or is it an invoicing system? Its neither of these two. In fact, it is much more than these. Basically, it is a very easy and user-friendly cash flow system that will tell you exactly where your finances currently stand and where they will be in the next couple of months. Based on these results, you can make the necessary adjustments in how you manage your business. You know how that goes, don’t you? If it shows that your finances are going to take a hit down, then change something right away and if they seem like they are going to go up, continue doing more of the same.

Fifty-two Cents - A Cash Flow Managment System-04Fifty-two Cents also allows you to import the data from any project management app, such as Basecamp or you can do the same with an invoice app like Freshbooks.

Well, that’s what Fifty-two cents has to offer. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, if you thing that this is something that will help your business thrive or get it out of problems, sign up for it.