Making Reports Has Never Been This Easy!

Fifty-two Cents - A Cash Flow Managment System-03I know very well what a pain in the a** it is when your boss tells you to write a financial report. There is probably nothing that is so dreaded in most companies, no matter where they are located. However, with Fifty-two Cents, writing reports has never been easier.

We provide you with the basic templates of every kind that will make creating reports a piece of cake. You can choose from a simple line report, a chart or a pie chart and then present it to your boss.

Okay, so what kind of reports can you create with the help of Fifty-two Cents? Well, any kind, from a short project report that will help you “sell” your idea to the bosses or to a client, to the so much hated monthly report. So let’s have a look at the kinds of reports that you can create and how it will be so much easier to do this with the help of Fifty-two Cents Cash Flow Management System.

Probably the easiest report of them all is the project report. But the problem with it is that you often have a very limited amount of time by which you need to create it and then present it to someone. This usually creates two problems, at least it did for me. The first one is that since you often have just a day or two, you will rush it and that is never a good idea. I can’t remember how many times did I had to stay up all night in order to create a project report. The other problem is, and this is something that is directly related to the problem number one, and that is the fact that basically all of your effort can be flushed because the client had a “gut feeling” that he doesn’t like your idea. With Fifty-two Cents, you can easily create amazing project reports in mere minutes. Just watch what a good report can do for a project.

Fifty-two Cents will also aid you in creating a good Category report. Now, most often, a company has more than one product that it is selling or more than one kind of service that it has to offer. Keeping track of this is not an easy job. With the Category report that you can get here things will be oh so much simpler.

Fifty-two Cents - A Cash Flow Managment System-02Finally, we’ve come to the dreaded Monthly report. Nobody likes these. There are just too many things that you need to include in them that it usually takes several days for you to complete them. I know that when my ex boss would ask me to make him a monthly report, it would take me 3 days to put everything in it. But, with the Fifty-two Cents, you can make a monthly report much simpler. View your income or expenses with just a simple point of mouse.

There you go. Not bad, huh? Fifty-two Cents can certainly make creating reports much easier for you, so why don’t you take this opportunity and sign in?